Shore Auto Hoses have Superior Compression-set

Even though in a hose, compression-set is not as important as other properties like % Elongation, Heat-ageing effects, Oil-ageing effects, Tensile-strength, etc; it still contributes to the overall performance of the Hose with respect to:

The Clamping area: The better the compression-set, the better the sealing will be when the clamps are tightened. When a Silicone Hose is clamped, and a certain Torque is applied to tighten the clamp on the Hose; if the entire Torque is applied in 1 fast stroke, the Rubber Part compresses very fast, and then because of its inherent compression strength, it generates back-pressure. If the compression-set of the “rubber” is good enough, it will come back to its original form and have a decent “seal” with the clamp.

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