Don’t Use only the Correct Hose-Clamps, Use the correct power tools also!

Dont Use only the Correct Hose-clamps Use the correct power tools also

When a Rubber part is clamped, and a certain Torque if applied to tighten the clamp on the Rubber Part; if the entire Torque is applied in 1 fast stroke, the Rubber Part compresses very fast, and then because of its inherent compression strength, it generates back-pressure back.

This back-pressure results in:

  • Lower clamping force than expected
  • Leakages
  • Slip-offs in the field

All of the above could lead to pre-mature field failures.

Thus, we recommend a 2-speed power tool, when you tighten your worm-drive Hose-clamps, for example –

So, for example, if you have a clamping force of 8Nm, then it is advisable to go very fast upto  7 Nm, and then slowly from 7 to 8 Nm (more advice can be taken from the experts at Fein® or similar suppliers).