Fuel Hoses In FKM®/AEM®

Fuel hoses

Hoses for Fuel injection systems, including electronic fuel metering (EFM), electronic fuel injection (EFI), throttle body injection (TBI), etc:

  • Resistance to gasoline or diesel fuel that contains high levels, greater than 5% by volume, of oxygenates, i.e., ethanol, methanol, or MTBE
  • Transportation of gasoline, ethanol extended gasoline, diesel fuel, lubrication oil, or the vapor present in either the fuel system or the crankcase of internal combustion engines in mobile, stationary, and marine applications.
  • Working Temperature: 34 to 135 °C (29 to 275 °F) and short-term surge temperatures of  150°C (302 °F)

Fuel Fill, Vent, and Vapor Hose:

  • Applications:  in gasoline or diesel fuel filler, vent, and vapor systems
  • Extremely low-permeation

For both the above applications, we have an option of inner FKM®, and outer AEM®, with multiple layers of meta-aramid fabric.
This construction is in addition to the construction already in production, i.e. inner FKM®, and outer ECO.
Unlike the FKM®/ECO option which comes in extruded version, the FKM®/AEM® comes only in the wrapped/textured finish.

FKM®/AEM® has an excellent permeation resistance, click below to read the other properties.

Properties of FKM / AEM

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