Don’t Use Regular Silicone, When your Application Demands High-Temperature Grades


The hoses on the left and the right, have been subjected to the same pressure and temperatures as the one in the middle. While the one in the middle has no reported failures, the ones on the left and the right have failed in just 2 uses.


Hence, we always recommend that if the service temperature is continuously above 200 degrees Celsius (392 Fahrenheit), you should opt for High-Temperature grades of Silicone.


The price is a factor when it comes to High-Temperature grades; but what you should be looking at is “Cost of Ownership” rather than “Cost per Piece”, as the costs of failures/recalls/part-changes are much higher than the one-time cost of fitting a much more Robust Hose.


PS: Always choose high-temperature suitable fabrics with superior ply-adhesion for better service life. See our related blogs at:

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