Why are Hoses Reinforced with Meta-Aramid Fabric? (Burning Behavior & Mechanical Properties)


Wondering why are Hoses Reinforced with Meta-Aramid Fabric? Read the blog to understand the reasons why Rubber and Silicone Hoses are reinforced with Meta-Aramid Fabrics.

The reasons “Wrapped” Rubber and Silicone Hoses are reinforced with Meta-Aramid Fabrics are:

• The hoses are performing at high temperatures
• The hoses are exposed to some aggressive coolants

Coupled with the above fact, is that the pressure cycles are becoming more and more demanding, with the global emissions norms changing as they are.

When you are buying a meta-aramid reinforced hose, you want it to perform under the most stringent conditions. Temperatures are high, Working Pressures are usually high, and mis-alignments in the adjoining parts can sometimes add to the demands on the Hose. Fire-resistance is another factor.

In this video, please see how 100% meta-aramid burns (you will notice it does not catch fire easily even with a prolonged fire-source)

In this video, please see how a polyester or bad quality meta-aramid fabric would burn:

Many manufacturers use blended (with polyester) meta-aramids, or sometimes even split the construction of the hose in such a way that they have some layers of polyester and some layers of meta-aramid fabric.

At Shore Auto, we use only 100% “made-in-UK” meta-aramid fabrics, for whichever drawing meta-aramid is specified.

Kishore Keswani
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