Why You Need to Come to Us for FKM-lined Silicone Hoses

FKM Lined Silicone Hoses

Silicone Hoses are lined with FKM when:

  • An acidic environment is a risk, including some EGR bi-products
  • Resistance to alcohols and fuel additives is needed
  • Excellent resistance to Fuel permeation is required
  • Higher temperature resistance is needed compared to what FVMQ can handle (FKM can handle unto 260 degrees celsius / 500 degrees Fahrenheit)

However, it is also important to choose the correct FKM, to compound it correctly, and to use good practices while wrapping/curing/post-curing the Hoses.

At Shore Auto, we take care by using the correct raw-material, and processing it by the book, in order to get superior bond-strengths.

Contact us in case of any questions/queries.

silicone-to-silicone tear

As you can see, there is silicone-to-silicone tear, because the bond between the FKM and Silicone is Cohesive. This is because of the FKM quality that we use.

Over here, if the FKM quality is not good, you notice that the silicone tears away from the FKM, before there is silicone-to-silicone tear!