Why are Overlaps Important in Wrapped Hoses?

Wrapped Rubber and Silicone Hoses should have overlaps. But do you know the reason why, though?

It is a good idea to have a certain length of Fabric Overlap in WRAPPED HOSES. If ‘envelope-wrapped’ Hoses that are hand-wrapped with multiple layers of fabric reinforcement, do not have an overlap, this could cause a weak-point in the hose (for example in a 3-ply hose, if the 3rd ply ends slightly before where the 1st ply began, that length where there are only 2 plies, will be the weakest and more vulnerable part of the hose).

Hence, if a hose is made properly, a good 3-ply hose will have some area where there will be 4 plies, & a 4ply hose will have some are where there will be 5 plies, and so on and so forth. We normally try to limit the overlap between 3 and 10mm, but slight variations do occur due to operator-to-operator hand-dexterity differences.

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