Vamac®: A Preferred Material for Heat and Chemical Resistance


Shore Auto has the capability to supply Vamac® Hoses, in both “Extruded”, and “Hand-wrapped” options, in a range of reinforcement options including Polyester, Aramid, Kevlar®, & Meta-Aramid.

Properties of Vamac®:

  1. Heat-and Chemical-Resistant
  2. Broad temperature range -25°C (-13°F) to 170°C (+338°F). For higher temperatures Vamac® Ultra-HT is an optional grade.
  3. Ozone and U.V resistant
  4. Good –  moderate swelling in Oils
  5. Excellent Permeation properties (for gases)
  6. Resistance to water, engine coolant mixtures (glycols), dilute acids and alkalis is also good.

Limitations: Vamac® is not recommended for exposure to concentrated acids, aromatic hydrocarbons, gasoline, ketones, brake fluids and phosphate esters.

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