Use of Wrapped Rubber and Silicone Hoses to Achieve Higher Working Pressure


We provide a range of Wrapped Rubber and Silicone Hoses with the help of which relatively higher working pressure of upto 15 bar (depending on diameter) can be achieved.

Higher pressures can also be achieved by increasing:

  • The number of Fabric layers
  • By changing the “type” of Fabric (including addition of SS-wire ply)
  • Hoses can also be reinforced with stainless-steel wire for additional pressure (or Vacuum Pressure) resistance
  • Vacuum (negative) Pressure of Extruded and Wrapped Hoses can also be enhanced, by inserting a stainless-steel spiral coil on the inside of the hose



Different Metal-Parts (with ‘threading’ if needed) as per customer’s design can be fitted in the hose during production, in Stainless-Steel, Brass, or other alloys.