Introducing: Silicone Hoses Lined with Aflas® / FEPM

Silicone Hoses lined with Aflas-FEPM

For certain applications where a lining of Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) or regular Fluorocarbon (FKM) doesn’t do the job, we have introduced a new line of Silicone Hoses, lined with Aflas® / FEPM.

FEPM, better know by the Asahi trade-name Aflas®, is also a fluorocarbon polymer, offering advantages over FKM in some situations. Compared to FKM, it has lesser high-temperature compression-set resistance, slightly less oil resistance, similar acid resistance, and better resistance to hot water, steam, explosive decompression, brine, sour downhole environments, downhole corrosion inhibitors, bases, water-based drilling fluids, and high pH drilling fluids.

Our FEPM compound is also certified as per USA regulation 21-CFR-177-2600.

FEPM also offers useful resistance to alcohol, brake fluid, CO2, CH4, gamma radiation, H2S, methane, ozone, and many hydraulic fluids.


Thermal Properties
Min Temp. -14°F (-25.5°C)
Max Temp. +446°F (230°C)


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