Robust Hoses for the harshest of Environments

The reasons “Wrapped” Rubber and Silicone Hoses are reinforced with Meta-Aramid Fabrics are:

  •  The hoses are performing at high temperatures
  • The hoses are exposed to some aggressive coolants

Coupled with the above fact, is that the pressure cycles are becoming more and more demanding, with the global emissions norms changing as they are.

When you use “primed” fabrics, essentially, the fabrics have been dipped in a water-based adhesive solution, and then dried. This process is done after the washing and the heat-setting.

These “primed” fabrics, when calendared with Silicone or Organic Rubber, give the end-product superior robustness, with almost 400% better ply-adhesion between the fabric and rubber materials.

Robust hoses
Auto robust hoses

An un-primed fabric gives a reading of anywhere between 800 N/m and 1200 N/m. (usually, the fabric tears away freely from the rubber, showing that the bond is not cohesive).


A primed fabric, however, as mentioned above, gives in excess of 4000 N/m (usually rubber tears along with the fabric during testing, showcasing excellent ‘cohesive’ ply-adhesion.


The testing for the demonstrations in these videos has been done as per ASTM D-413 and ISO 8033.

Wouldn’t you prefer your Hoses to be reinforced with “primed” fabric, when working in such harsh environments?