New Product Launch!

Shaped Nylon Tubes

At Shore Auto, we are thinking of adding a new product range to our portfolio, i.e. shaped/formed Nylon Tubes.

What is Nylon Tubing: Nylon tubing is used in various sectors, for hydraulic and fuel lines, lubrication, air-brake systems, clutch actuation systems, cooling systems, as well as in the crank-case/oil-breather. Further, they are also used for air-lines in the textile industry, as well as for chemical transfer.

Nylon looms provide good strength, stiffness, and abrasion resistance at higher temperatures. The hard-wall design is excellent for most vacuum applications and widely used in robotics and vacuum lines.

Features: Nylon tube is bendable at different angles and permanently formed into the required shapes. Exclusive features include lightness in weight, & economical in the process of installation. It is also dimensionally stable under a wide range of temperatures, and due to its low moisture absorption, it is also resistant to solvents, chemicals, oils, and other lubricants.

Material Types

  • PA10.12
  • PA11

*we will be adding more material types as we go along.

Contact us in case of more details/inquiries.