New Construction Options Available for Silicone and Rubber Hoses


Robust Solutions for Demanding Requirements

Hoses these days are being used in the harshest of Environments. In fact, coupled with the ever-changing Emission Norms, the demands on the Hoses seem never-ending. Some of these parameters which are changing drastically are:

  • Pressures (Expected to climb further under the EURO VI / BHARAT VI regime and in future under the EURO VII)
  • Temperatures (from Cranes working at the top of 12,740 feet Matterhorn Mountains, to Diesel Gensets working in the middle of the Arabian Desert)
  • Contact Fluids (for e.g. Organic-Acid based Coolants)
  • Mis-alignments in Adjoining parts
  • Higher Vibrations


Ask us how we can offer different combinations of fabric, along with the High-quality Raw-Materials, for your demanding requirements. No matter what the Temperature/Pressure/Fluids in Contact, if there is a Solution we have it for you. We can do this while maintaining good levels of Flexibility. What’s the point of over-engineering your Hose, if at the end you are left with a piece of Rock?

Some options of Fabric Combinations:

  • Knitted & Woven
  • Knitted & Strip-Woven
  • Woven & Strip-Woven

Contact us for more details.