Marine and Silicone Wet Exhaust Hoses for Engine and Auxiliary Generator Systems (SAEJ2006-R3)

marine-hoses - SAEJ2006-R3


We supply silicone flexible hoses for marine engine wet exhaust systems which connect the engine exhaust manifold to the hull or overboard discharge fittings.

The flexible hoses of marine engine wet exhaust systems are used in the combustion engines on yachts, where the water-cooled exhaust gases are mixed with the discharge of cooling water. The hoses are not supposed to be used where the coolants in contact are abrasive.





  1. We offer a range of high-end Silicone straight / elbow/ bellow hoses for us in marine applications
  2. For usage temperature up to 180 degrees centigrade, the hose is 4-6 ply Polyester reinforced silicone
  3. For higher temperatures up to 260 degrees centigrade, the hose is 4-6 ply meta-aramid reinforced silicone
  4. Sizes available in straight: 6mm to 406 mm (inner diameter / bore)
  5. Sizes available in bellow (humps):


We also have 3rd party type-certification for all the “SAE J2006-R3” requirements
Available in Silicone and EPDM Rubber.

Marine High Temperature Test

Marine Certification


Also, Shore Auto is going for Lloyds Registration as per SAE J2006-R3 by end of 2018.

  • Also available in EPDM for lower temperatures