Know the pH Value Before Using a Silicone Hose


Silicone Hose (including those lined with Fluorosilicone), are not good for very high or very low pH values.

If the pH value of the liquid (especially coolants as shown in the image) in contact is below 6, or above 8, ideally, alternate materials should be chosen.

The options are:

  • EPDM
  • EPDM (peroxide cured)


If the temperatures are too high, we have a specially formulated Silicone Hose, lined with an impermeable liner, for resistance to such corrosive coolants.


The reinforcement fabrics also play an important role in resistance to Organic-Acid and Hybrid-OAT Coolants.

Ask us about the various options, as well as the ‘construction’ options to make the Hoses more robust.