Introducing: Wrapped Hoses in Various Shapes, for Bio-Diesel Applications!

Wrapped Hoses for Bio-diesel

The harsh fuel attacks hydrocarbon rubbers such as nitrile (NBR)rubber, widely used in fuel handling applications.

Ethanol-containing fuels pose the challenge of permeation, particularly to nitrile (NBR)rubbers. Excessive permeation increases volatile emissions and loses valuable fuel.

At Shore Auto, the wrapped hoses that we supply for bio-diesel applications are peroxide-cured. Peroxide cured fluoroelastomers also contain a so-called cure-site monomer (CSM), a monomer that contains a site reactive towards free radicals. An example of such a cure-site monomer is 4-bromo-3,3,4,4-tetrafluorobutene (BTFB).

Peroxide-cured FKM also has much better acid-resistance than conventionally-cured FKM (bisphenol cured).

Since the hoses are wrapped, we can make them in various shapes, with multiple layers of fabric for enhanced working pressures.

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