Introducing: FKM Lined Vamac® Hoses

FKM lined Vamac® Hoses


You can enquire with us about the FKM (Viton®) lined AEM (Vamac®) Hoses at Shore Auto!

  • Suitable for DPF use, with Diesel and Bio-diesel and their exhaust fumes
  • Extremely low fuel-permeability
  • High heat-resistance and extremely flexible
  • Temperature range: -40 degrees centigrade to + 160 degrees centigrade (with short-intermittent peaks upto 180 degrees centigrade)
  • Complicated shapes including drastic reducer Hoses can be hand-wrapped in this version too
  • High Temperature/Oil-resistant Vamac® grades can be used for more demanding applications/working temperatures

Contact us for more details.