Hand-Wrapped Organic Rubber Hoses


Hoses for Various “Air”, “Oil” and “Coolant” applications:

When Extruded Reinforced Hoses don’t do the job, Customers require hand-wrapped Rubber or Silicone Hoses, to withstand additional working “positive” or “negative” pressures.

We have a dedicated Production Facility, to manufacture Organic Rubber “Extruded”, as well as “Hand-wrapped” Hoses.

Shore Auto’s range of hand-wrapped hoses are made in various materials like EPDM, Peroxide-cured EPDM, CR, NBR, PVC-NBR and AEM. Dual materials are possible, for e.g. inner NBR, outer CR.

For reinforcing the hoses, following fabric options are used depending on working parameters, and complexities of the parts

  • Knitted or Woven Polyester
  • Knitted or Woven 100% Meta-Aramid

Hoses in Woven Fabric can be further strengthened using “Strip-Woven” construction, rather than the less robust “Envelope” wrapped construction.

For heavy negative pressure resistance, we also have the option of giving an extra ply of SS wire, either built into the hose; or, if the pressure is relatively low, then the wire is inserted on the inside of the hose after the hose is cured (cooked). Plastic wire is also an option instead of “SS”.

As you can see in the above picture, hoses with metal fittings in SS, Brass, etc, with our without threading, are also possible, with excellent adhesion between the polymer and the metal parts.

* Fire-resistant grades are also available

extruded hoses