Get The Performance From Hoses With Multiple-Bends

Silicone-Coolant-Hoses- Shore-rubber

Is the overlap done right throughout the length?

In hand-wrapped hoses, especially those that are envelop-wrapped, it is critical to get the overlap right, throughout the length of the Hose.

However, an oversight by the person wrapping the hose can easily create the illusion of having the right amount of fabric layers at both ends of the hose.

Somewhere in the middle of the Hose, there could be a weak point.

Take the below picture for example.
You can see that there are 4 layers of fabric at the two ends, but only 3 layers in the middle portion.

Something like this can be easily overlooked by Quality Control personnel, as they are able to view the fabric layers only at the two ends. There is no way to view the section somewhere in the middle, without destructing the Hose.

Multiple bends

At Shore Auto Rubber Exports Pvt. Ltd., we pride ourselves on training our workforce with the utmost care, so that the above mistake does not happen. We also pride ourselves in getting these critical shapes (with multiple bends), including those with spouts/metal-inserts/plastic-inserts right, every time. You can count on us!