Flame-Retardant Hoses with Extreme Low Smoke-Toxicity


We have our Railway grade of “Flame-Retardant” Hoses with extreme low Smoke-Toxicity/Smoke-Emission.

We have successfully been supplying to various Rail OEMs and Tier-1s, Hoses with the following properties.

  • ISO 5659-2: Ds (max) 10 minutes is 302; and Ds (max) 20 minutes is 393
  • BS EN ISO 4589-2: Oxygen Index 33.8%
  • EN 45545-2: R22 – HL1; and R23 – HL1 and HL2. (Hoses from HL3 certified raw-materials available on request).
  • NF X 70-100-1 and NF X 70-100-2: C.I.T is 2.43
  • R value calculated in accordance with BS 6853 Annex B.1(withdrawn) / LUL S1085 Attachment A.1 = 0.21
  • C.I.TNLP calculated in accordance with BS EN 45545-2:2013+A1:2015 = 0.04

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