Dedicated Mill for Making Coloured Master-Batches


In order to be competitive, Shore Auto Rubber Exports Pvt. Ltd., does all its mixing and calendaring in-house from scratch. This helps us also to keep very close controls on the Quality and Properties of the Compounds.

Now, we have gone one step ahead, and made a dedicated room to mix the colour master-batches. These are then taken to the mixing room and finished off with peroxide and other additives, in the temperature-controlled environment.

  • Concentrated master-batches are made only once/twice a week, which are then applied in small dosages to get the diluted colours as per the customers’ requirements.
  • The biggest advantage is prevention of cross-contamination. When we used to mix the pigments in the regular mills along with the peroxides, there was a chance of foreign particles entering the batches (for e.g. blue pigment powder settling on a ready yellow compound). Now, with a dedicated room for coloured master-batches, the light pigment powders are handled there itself, making the entire operation much more clean, and defect-free.

This has added on to our cost a little bit and goes against the principles of lean-manufacturing (as we have added a whole new process). But in terms of Customer Satisfaction, it is a breakthrough for us as we envisage less colour variation problems, thereby increasing Customer Delight.

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