Branded vs. Unbranded Silicone Rubber in Hoses


Quality Costs:

Next time you go shopping for a cheaper source, please also think about the “Cost of Ownership”. We, at Shore Auto Rubber Exports Pvt. Ltd., take pride in supplying robust Hoses, for our prestigious OEM, Tier-1, Tier-2, and After-market Customers.

Recently, we conducted a comparative testing between:

  • A Hose made with our regular Silicone Rubber which is “HCR 1970”  (sourced from Elkem® )
  • A Hose made with a cheaper grade of Silicone Rubber, sourced from a fairly big-sized Company in the Far-East

The Hoses were made to the same Specification / Construction and by the same Workman. The “fabric” used in both cases were identical.

As expected, they looked very similar after production.


We, at Shore Auto, aged both the Hoses for 100,000 cycles, with pulsating pressure between 0 bar and 2 bar gauge, at 150 degrees Celsius.

  • After ageing, the Hose made with Elkem® Silicone Rubber which we use exclusively in our Production, came out intact. Nothing about the hose signified any damage on the “Rubber” or the “Fabric”
  • However, the Hose made with the cheaper Silicone Rubber came out with tears on the inside, as well as on the outside. Surprisingly, all 3 fabric layers was intact; and the tears were limited to the inner tube, and the outer cover, both consisting of plain Silicone Rubber
  • What’s more, the Hose made with the branded Silicone material, after ageing, exhibited almost 6 times the Burst Pressure, as compared the Hose made with the cheaper material

Damages on the Hose made with the cheaper grade of Silicone, Post Ageing