Benefits of EPDM Peroxide Cured Hoses Over Sulphur Cured Hoses


Although Shore Auto Rubber Exports has a big range of normal “sulphur”-cured EPDM Hoses, the demands for EPDM peroxide-cured hoses are increasing continually.

The main benefits of EPDM peroxide-cured hoses over their sulphur-cured brethren are:

  1. It meets or exceeds SAE-J20 Class D-3
  2. It meets the requirements of SAE J1684 (electro-chemical resistance)
  3. It has improved chemical resistance (including resistance to organic-acid-based / OAT coolants)
  4. It has higher temperature resistance up to 150 degrees Celsius (300 F)
  5. Enhanced Modulus and Compression set
  6. It has less tendency to blooming



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