An Opportunity for our Environment Conscious Customers

An Opportunity for our Environment-Conscious Customers:

When we make our Silicone Hoses in the smooth/shiny finish, we get this glossy finish by applying cellulose (paper-based) or polyester (plastic-based) tape on the Hoses.

However, we can use this tape just once, before it has to be discarded.

As an alternative, if you order a textured-finished (classic-finish) Hose, then the plastic/paper-based tapes are not used, making the entire process much more environmentally friendly.

Do let us know if you would like to change-over from your “smooth/shiny” hoses to the “textured/classic” finished ones.

For those of you who cannot change-over, we do understand that the acceptance of your Customers/End-users can be a show-stopper!

Contact us for more details.