Quality Control

Our manufacturing operations are inspected, verified and tested by various norms under the ISO/TS16949:2009 requirements. Full-fledged traceability is also our promise to customers.
Strict quality analysis and checks are conducted during and post manufacturing operations. This helps us deliver products a cut above the DIN/ASTM/SAE standards, as well as those that exceed our clients’ specifications.

The Testing and Quality Control Include:

  • 100% Material Testing before Production (including Rheometric Analaysis)
  • Online statistical process controls for “thickness” and other Special Characteristics defined by Customer
  • Time and Temparture Control during Curing and Post-Curing of the Hoses
  • Online Dimensional Control during Calendering via Sensors
  • 100% Visual Inspection (Final Inspection)
  • Dimensional and Destructive (pressure resistance) Tests done as per a Sampling Plan
  • Ply-Adhesion (bonding between rubber-rubber and rubber-fabric)
  • Full Fledged Traceability (backed up on our ERP system)
  • Life-cycle tests (Pressure cycles while maintaining temperatures upto 220 degrees centigrade inside and outside the hose)
  • Burst pressure at elevated temperatures (upto 250 degrees centigrade)

Other test as needed by the customer can also be undertaken, for e.g. Ozone, Thermal Shock, Salt-Spray for metal fittings, Dust Resistance, etc.

Our Certifications