Transparent Platinum Cured Hoses

Platinum cured Silicone Hoses have a very low glass transition temperatures. They are transparent, and hence one can see through the fabric reinforcement.

Food grade silicones show excellent heat resistance, cold flexibility, dielectric properties and especially good resistance to weather, ozone and UV rays.

Platinum-grade silicone formulations are designed specifically for use with food products. FDA approved silicone has reduced food taint and very low bacteria build up resulting in ultimately lower maintenance costs.

The platinum-cured Silicone Hoses are reinforced with multiple plies of knit polyester; and wire too if needed, to withstand different pressure levels.The temperature range is between -50 °C +180 °C (upto 250 °C peak working temperatures if reinforced with meta-aramid)

Please contact us for a list of available sizes in straights, elbows, and reducers.

Because on the restrictions as to the usage of these grades along with their accelerators, we now have Minimum Order Quantities of 200kgs. So we will not be accepting Purchase Orders from our Customers for Hose Quantities which will consume < 200kgs or thereabouts. Since these type of Hoses are not a focus area of our Customers, we don’t buy these grades regularly, so when we do buy them, we need to consume the MOQs.

Note: Platinum-cured Transparent Hoses from us are not made in an FDA certified clean-room facility