Silicone Coolant Hoses

Shore Auto offers silicone coolant hoses in a range of shapes, colours and sizes. Unless otherwise specified, our standard blue Silicone/Polyester hoses meet the requirements of SAE J20 R1 Class A. The hoses generally have 3-4 plies of Polyester fabric, but the # of layers can be increased/decreased depending on the working pressure requirements

  • Temperature range: -56 to + 180 degrees Celsius (-70 to + 350 Fahrenheit).
  • Good resistance to weather and ozone, and resists corrosion from coolant and heat transfer

We offer a special range of hoses, for resistance to organic acid based coolants, which contain sebacate or 2-ethylhexanoic acid. These extended life anti-freeze coolants which are extremely corrosive in nature, require hoses of specially designed materials. Using normal blue coolant hoses of the standard material for these coolants, will result in pre-mature failures.

Please contact us for a list of available sizes in straights, elbows, and reducers.

Datasheet for our Silicone ‘Coolant’ Hose range

Electrical resistance properties of our Silicone Hoses

Click here to see the Flammability Resistance Certificate of Our Standard Silicone Hose Range #