Fuel-cell and Hybrid Silicone Hoses (Shore-FC series)


The Shore-FC series hose has been specially introduced to eliminate the issue of contamination of the fluid or air carried by the hose, from trace level extractable materials found in the conventional silicones; for e.g. Siloxanes. The Shore-FC range finds usage in various sectors, including Motor-sport, Marine, Truck/Bus, Rail and Industrial sectors, wherever the risk of contamination needs to be reduced drastically.

Hence, the clear liner ensures that the purity of the air/fluid being transferred doesn’t get compromised.

Unless otherwise stated, our standard Reinforced Silicone Rubber Hoses have 3 plies of Polyester reinforcement – this applies to all hoses up to an Internal Diameter of

50mm. For larger diameter hoses we use 4 plies of the same reinforcement to provide better pressure resistance. Our reinforced silicone hoses undergo extensive physical, chemical, and dynamic testing to perfectly match industry needs.


Temperature range: -56°C to +180°C

Meets or Exceeds requirements SAEJ20 R4 Class A

US FDA 21/177-2600 compliant

Flame-resistant UL 94-HB compliant

REACH and ROHS compliant

NOT SUITABLE FOR non-polar liquids such as hydrocarbons, mineral oils, and greases. Strongly attacked by concentrated acids and alkalis, particularly by oxidizing acids such as sulfuric or nitric acid. Also, Silicone Rubber is not suitable coolants containing high-concentration of ethyl-hexanoic acids or coolants with very high pH levels.

Available in a host of colors (specify the RAL code # in your inquiry …as simple as that), but the inner-lining will always be clear/translucent.


  • SS wire reinforcing ply for heavy “positive” or “negative” pressure
  • Anti-abrasion external sleeve: for protection if the hose outer surface is in contact with adjoining parts
  • Location and Clamp marking: For guiding the mating parts or clamp

Burst Pressures of typical Silicone/Polyester Hoses:

ID (mm) Burst Pressure (Bar) ID (mm) Burst Pressure (Bar)
6.00 41.2 38.00 13.9
8.00 38.6 45.00 11.2
12.00 28.5 50.80 10.2
15.00 22.3 55.00 9.5
18.00 21.1 63.00 7.9
22.00 17.8 70.00 6.8
25.00 16.7 75.00 6.1
28.00 16.1 89.00 5.5
32.00 14.7 102.00 5.0


*Vacuum Pressures also available on demand

Other Physical Properties:

Shore Hardness (Shore A) 70 +/-5
Tensile Strength (MPa) 7.08
Elongation at Break (%) 258
Compression Set (%) 21.3
70 hours at 125 C


Change in Properties following Heat-Ageing at 175 C for 70 hours.


Change in Hardness (Shore A) +3
% Change in Tensile Strength -11.68
% Change in Elongation at Break -22.76


Note: Hoses with Improved Results can be supplied (for example for higher temperature resistance) on customers’ specific demand.