EPDM Hoses

Automotive and Industrial – Suction/Vacuum hoses, Radiator hoses, Air & Water hoses.
We supply EPDM hoses in a wide range of standard and customized shapes and sizes, with different fabric reinforced options. We also have EPDM corrugated (convoluted) hoses, for air-cleaner applications in Automotive Filters. These hoses have a higher than usual bend radius, for trickier connections, and high ‘vibration’ and ‘vacuum pressure’ resistance.

  • The continuous service temperature of EPDM hoses is -30C to +120 degrees C maximum, with peak temperatures of 150 to 160 degrees C
  • We also supply EPDM-Peroxide cured hoses, where exceptional compression set and heat resistance is needed.

Please contact us for a list of available sizes in straights, elbows, and reducers.



Datasheet for our ‘EPDM’ Hose range EPDM

Electro chemical resistance of our peroxide curved EPDM hoses as per SAE J1684 EPDM-EC