Turbocharger / Charge-Air-Cooler Hoses / Air-intake Hoses

Our Silicone Turbo charger / CAC hoses and Air Intake Hoses also maintain a minimum of SAEJ20 Class A specifications, unless otherwise specified by the customer.

  • The hoses are ideal for connections between engine mounted charge air cooler system parts
  • Also used to deliver pressurized intake air to the charge air intercooler and intake manifold
  • They come in a range of straight, shaped or convoluted shapes, as required. The convoluted shapes are required when there are slight mis-alignments during fitment or functioning. The hoses are flexible enough to endure the vibrations caused due to these mis- alignments/compressions/3-axial movements.
  • Temperature range: -56 to + 220 degrees Celsius (-70 to + 430 Fahrenheit) if reinforced with meta-aramid (Temperature resistance can be increased by using high-end HT Grades), or
  • Temperature range: -56 to + 180 degrees Celsius (-70 to + 350 Fahrenheit), if reinforced with Polyester)
  • Available with the option of Fluoro ilicone or FKM inner lining, for added oil/acid fuel resistance

-Hoses with Metal fittings and Crimped ends also can be developed as per your requirement

-In house test rig available for life-cycle testing of the hoses (cyclic pressures between 0 and 3 bars, while maintaining temperatures of up to 220 degrees Celsius, inside and outside the hose.)

Please contact us for a list of available sizes.