Plastic (Nylon/PA) for Reinforced Silicone Hoses for Non-Conductive Applications


We will suggest to use Plastic (Nylon/PA) reinforced Silicone Hoses for non-conductive applications where resistance to vacuum pressure is also needed!

Available in the following options:

  • Inner smooth surface and outer surface convoluted
  • Inner and outer surfaces convoluted
  • Inner and outer surfaces both smooth

Also available in UL94-HB and UL-94 VO (EN 45 545 Part 2: R1 HL2 and R6 HL2) certified Silicone Rubber base.

Hoses are ideal for working environments where the temperatures are usually low (below 150 degrees celsius) and a combination of flexibility, negative pressure resistance, and electric insulation is  needed; for e.g. wind turbines.


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