Fire-resistant EPDM Hoses with Fire-resistant Silicone Sleeve

Featuring, for the Rail Industry:

EPDM Fire-Resisant Hoses as per EN45545-2, NF161 01 and BS 6853; with a Silicone Fire-Resistant Sleeve also as per EN45545-2, NF161 01 and BS 6853.

The reason for using “EPDM” is to improve the permeation resistance, and prevent losses of water from the coolant-water mix in the system. Silicone has proved to be inadequate in this function, and water losses has created a big nuisance.
However, the Silicone Sleeve applied from outside, gives the required Electric Insulation properties, if a particular portion of the hose is exposed to an Electric Field.

These Hoses have been primarily developed for use in Coolant Systems in Propulsion Systems of Locomotives.