High-Temperature Silicone Rubber Hoses

Whenever your Hose has to perform at a Working Temperature above 205 deg C (400 F) continuously, with intermittent temperatures even higher, we recommend that you insist on “high-temperature” silicone rubber grades to be used.
Although because of price pressures, one can get away by using the “general-purpose” grades by additionally adding heat stabilizing modifiers, the benefits of using “high-temperature” grades are as follows:
The raw-material base itself contains in-built heat stabilizers
Improved heat-ageing properties (& better mechanical properties to start with)
Fumed silica based
Better Long-term performance and lower flex-cracking at high temperature and pressure cycles
Although cost-wise there is a premium for the HT grades, the final customers usually improve the ‘cost of ownership’ because of the extended performance life.

* options available with inner liner of Fluorosilicone (FVMQ), Viton (FKM) or Aflas (FEPM).
* General-Purpose grades are recommended for Continuous Working Temperatures below 205 deg C (400 F), although they can handle much high ‘peak’ intermittent temperatures