New Automatic Winder-lathe for Wire-reinforced Hoses


New Automatic Winder-lathe for Wire-reinforced Hoses, Get consistent bend-radius across ALL parts.

When you buy wire-reinforced Hoses from Shore Auto Rubber Exports, you can expect 100% consistency, from piece-to-piece, with perfect:

  • Pitch between the wire-winds
  • Tension on the wire
  • Exactly same bend-radius of all Hoses of the same diameter
  • No kinks!

This is because we have installed a new PLC-controlled Lathe, which help us program the various constructions as per the Hose Sizes.

So, when the wrapping was done manually earlier (which could end up in inconsistent pitch and/or tension); now, it is completely mechanised.

Do get in touch with us for our Range of Sizes., and Data on the Pressure-resistance, Bend-radius, Physical properties, etc.