How using Branded Raw-materials saves you on your “Cost of Ownership”

In 2017, a Big Construction Global Multi-national Corporation, approached one of our Distributors with a Quality issue.

For their “Gypsum Plaster” plants, where equal distribution of the Raw-material was done via Branched Silicone Hoses.

The problem they were facing was pre-mature failures of the Silicone Hoses.
By using high-quality “branded” raw materials, trained work-force, and standard operating procedures, we are now supplying them hoses which last 300% more compared to what they were using in the past.

Furthermore, the hoses are now Yellow in colour, with a Blue inner liner. When the blue liner wears off, they know they have to change the hose. Therefore, they can avoid pre-mature failures, and unexpected down-times. They are proactive instead of reactive.


Today, we supplying this company, for their plants throughout Europe, USA and Asia. For more information on how Quality pays off, please see our Blog.