Hoses fitted with Metal Inserts/Caps/Plugs

Hoses fitted with Metal Inserts-Caps-PlugsV2

Adhesives used for attaching the Metal parts

For Rubber and Silicone Hoses, sometimes it is impossible to attach the metal-parts, during the “wrapping” of the Hoses.

Often, the designs being prohibitive, manufacturers have little or no scope to get a good bond between the metal part and the rubber hose.

At Shore Auto Rubber Exports, we are using Branded Adhesives, which not only give a high-strength bond but also work at Elevated Temperatures.

We have also put checks and balances in place, to make sure that assemblies with low adhesion, do not reach our Customer.

Adhesives are also available to attach/insert plastic parts to the Rubber and Silicone Hoses.




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