Dedicated Mill for Making Coloured Master-Batches

In order to be competitive, Shore Auto Rubber Exports Pvt. Ltd., does all its mixing and calendaring in-house from scratch ...
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Vamac®: A Preferred Material for Heat and Chemical Resistance

Shore Auto has the capability to supply Vamac® Hoses, in both "Extruded", and "Hand-wrapped" options, in a range of reinforcement options ...
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Don’t Use Regular Silicone, When your Application Demands High-Temperature Grades

The hoses on the left and the right, have been subjected to the same pressure and temperatures as the one ...
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Plastic (Nylon/PA) for Reinforced Silicone Hoses for Non-Conductive Applications

We will suggest to use Plastic (Nylon/PA) reinforced Silicone Hoses for non-conductive applications where resistance to vacuum pressure is also ...
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HVAC Hoses: Ageing Test Done for High-Temperature Silicone Hoses

With the EURO-VI regulations, the working temperatures and pressures for Coolant Hoses have become very demanding. To resist these rising ...
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Know the pH Value Before Using a Silicone Hose

Silicone Hose (including those lined with Fluorosilicone), are not good for very high or very low pH values. If the ...
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Why Choose Viton (FKM) Instead of Fluorosilicone (FVMQ)

Come to us for very high quality Viton/(FKM) lined Silicone Hoses. The bonding properties/adhesion we achieve between the Silicone and ...
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Use of Wrapped Rubber and Silicone Hoses to Achieve Higher Working Pressure

We provide a range of Wrapped Rubber and Silicone Hoses with the help of which relatively higher working pressure of ...
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Convoluted/Corrugated Hoses: For High Positive & Negative Pressures and High-Flexibility

Hoses are reinforced with multiple layers of fabric, + 1 ply of Stainless-Steel wire. They are Ideal for fitments where ...
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